Nevada: Rolling polls of Clark County

The registrar of voters for Clark County, Nevada, Joseph Paul Gloria, helps manage a fleet of mobile voting trailers, which bring polling locations to residents who otherwise might not be able to get to the polls. (Produced by Roman Knertser/News21)

Purges: Voter Registration in Cincinnati

Brittany Middlebrooks, team leader of The AMOS Project voter registration group, discusses voter purges in Ohio, and political apathy among potential voters, as she registers people to vote in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. (Produced by Roman Knertser/News21)

Felons: Voting in Prison

Foster Bates describes his experience voting as an inmate in the Maine State Prison system. (Edited by Marianna Hauglie, video by Roman Knertser/News21)

Nevada: Mi Familia Vota

Members of Mi Familia Vota discuss the importance of Latino voting in Nevada and what the organization does to help register the community to vote. (Edited by Roman Knertser and Michael Olinger, video by Roman Knertser/News21)